Be Alert
If you notice anything suspicious when approaching the cash machine, leave, come back later, or use another machine at another location.

If, while transacting business, you notice something suspicious, cancel the transaction and put your cash card away immediately. If possible, use the buddy system when using the cash machine after dark.

Refrain from using cash machines that are out of the way of public view. If possible, always try to go to a machine that is well lit at night and has high visibility from the street.

Treat your card like cash
Take security precautions to protect your card. Be sure to keep your Personal Identification Number (P.I.N.) secret; your card only works with this code; never write it on the card and always keep it in your wallet. No one, not even Bank or Credit Union employees should know your P.I.N.

Don’t give your P.I.N. information by telephone and don’t let anyone else enter the code for you. If you suspect unauthorized use of your card, notify your Bank or Credit Union immediately. If the card should become lost or stolen, report it immediately. Don’t wait for it to “shop up.”

Minimize Time
Have your cash card and/or deposit envelope ready and completely filled out when you approach the machine. Be courteous when waiting to use the cash machine by giving the person ahead of you the same privacy that you would expect.

Put it Away
Be sure to put your cash away as soon as the transaction is complete. Do not display it; count the cash in the safety of your home. Remove your receipt after use and keep it with your financial records. Verify each transaction by checking the receipts against your monthly statement.

If you suspect criminal intent or witness illegal activity at a cash machine, contact the police immediately.

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