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Palm Beach bookstore installs security system that tags thieves

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A new chapter in theft prevention is being written at Raptis Rare Books on Worth Avenue, a shop that specializes in first editions and signed books — and is home to a 1632 Second Folio collection of the plays of William Shakespeare.

Shop owner Matthew Raptis unveiled a high-tech security system recently that has a decidedly sci-fi flavor. It’s an advanced forensic marking spray that coats crooks with a synthetic DNA-like material that police can use later to identify perpetrators and help them build a case.

The technology was designed by a company called SelectaDNA and is marketed in the United States by CSI Protect, which is introducing it here after it was used in 33 countries, including the United Kingdom. Raptis Rare Books is the first business in Florida to install the system, according to CSI Protect.

“We have had thefts,” Raptis said at a Worth Avenue media event to discuss the new system, although he declined to elaborate. “There’s a reason why we’re doing this.”

Of course, Raptis already had security, including a network of cameras. “This is another level of protection for us.”

caroline@riskandsecurityllc.comPalm Beach bookstore installs security system that tags thieves

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